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Tiger Keep Rollin' - Super Slow ft. Lil Sidley (Cover Art).png

Tiger Keep Rollin' ft. Lil Sidley

Super Slow

The song has a new wave flavor driven by the upbeat chill trap leading the forces to create a new sound in the desi hip hop scene. Tiger comes through with those lyrical bars that make you rethink your reality whereas Sidley on the other hand, a melodic genius that shapes the song creating those bouncy, enigmatic melodies that make you feel this is the jam.
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CTS - Cover Art 3000x3000.png

Lil Sidley ft. Tiger Keep Rollin'


The song is an upbeat anthem that still tugs on the heartstrings, with a longing for a love interest. I've laid out my feelings on this song, to plead with my love interest to keep our relationship going while I'm pursuing my passion and a career in music. 

The life of an artist as depicted in the music video.
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Kyu - Album Art 3000x3000.png

Lil Sidley ft. Raziel 


Two artists, blend their respective cultures into a song and bring forth 'Kyu'. A tribute to the idea of what old school bollywood was for a generation of millions. Listening to this song will send you back to that safe nostalgic space. Don't sit back. Don't relax. Because this next song from Lil Sidley and RAZIEL will send you directly to the dance floor. The Hyderabad and Mumbai connection is here to stay.
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Lil Sidley - GREEN ft. Tiger Keep Rollin' - Cover Art.png

Lil Sidley ft. Tiger Keep Rollin 


Presenting a fresh wave of artists who provide a distinct touch in their musical creations. What they deliver is genuinely crafted. Sidley's focus on new melodies that grab a millennial's attention span in seconds. While Tiger on the other hand delivers meaningful lyrics that make you think twice and would want you to hit that repeat button. Both of them together are bringing a noticeable shift in the status quo of how Hindi songs are perceived.
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